AIB Capital Markets

The challenge

With around two thousand employees based in Ireland, the UK and the United States, AIB Capital Markets needs an effective human resources function and finding ways to improve efficiency are a priority.

As with any large organisation, it has a large repository of electronic data. Finding better ways to utilise and distribute this data was one key priority. AIB Capital Markets already enjoyed an excellent employee intranet and the Division needed to complement this with desktop access to core HR systems.

"We had two main goals," said John Conway, head of Human Resources at AIB Capital Markets. "Our primary requirement was to make employee information from the Group HR system available to line managers". Data such as salary levels, bonus awards and static information such as home addresses resided on old system, what Conway referred to as "green screen technology". The division had been using Windows for years and wished to roll out this information to managers' desktops.

The second requirement was to streamline the annual pay review process. This was a laboured process which involved pulling information from the old system into spreadsheets for review. In recent times AIB Capital Markets had undergone a major change in pay policy and was now using a lot of benchmarking information in calculating appropriate salaries. It wished to make the information easier to retrieve and offer more time for managers to make decisions.

The Solution

AIB Capital Markets original provider couldn't offer a front end solution within a reasonable timeline and the company turned to Strandum who came to them with the concept that they could retrieve information from any database and put it on to a user's desktop. According to Conway, developing the solution from concept to execution was a collaborative experience. "We had a very clear idea of what we wanted to do and worked very closely with Strandum. A lot of our intellectual capital went into this project", he said.

There were several elements to the new solution. First of all, Strandum's MyProfile product was rolled out to 1,600 employees in Ireland and the UK. It allows each employee to update their personal data on the HR system. MyProfile is browser based and allows the user to make changes from their own desktop.

The second aspect was the introduction of Strandum's MyTeam for 150 line managers. This client/server solution allows the user to access all relevant HR data such as salary levels, bonus figures, and personal details. It also provides a pay review modelling tool and automates the entire pay review process, including the production of management information for pay review analysis.

The benefits

For John Conway, the advantages were immediately obvious. "We wanted to improve our efficiency and reduce the number of calls and queries we had to handle. Most of the information people were looking for is now available on their desktops, which cuts down on our workload," he said. "Obviously some people are quicker to adapt than others, but we've been encouraging people to use the new system and we've seen a steady upsurge in use," he added.

The annual pay review process has also undergone a transformation. "Previously we had to put five or six people on it for six to eight weeks. Nowadays we just need two people. Statistics can be pulled together very quickly. What this means is that we can start the pay review process much earlier than before and allow line managers a longer amount of time to make their decisions," said Conway.

AIB Capital Markets is immensely pleased with the results. "We found Strandum to be very proactive and cooperative. They were very easy to work with and delivered a great solution", said Conway.



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Client Testimonial

"We found Strandum to be very proactive and cooperative. They were very easy to work with and delivered a great solution."

John Conway, head of Human Resources at AIB Capital Markets


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