Strandum has an integrated reporting module as part of the standard implementation.

In addition to the core set of reports which come with the system the end user can also design their own reports.

Strandum includes functionality within the back-office client (HRAdmin) so that client reports once designed can be uploaded to the system. Once uploaded these reports can be run from within MyProfile, MyTeam or HRAdmin. This provides a low, cost effective mechanism for distributing reports (both standard and customised) throughout the organisation. Access to reports can also be tightly controlled to ensure users can only run certain reports, plus, reports also take into account individual users position in the organisation so that only data related to their reportees is available in the report.

Strandum has developed a system which presents the data in the format required by the user i.e. sort, data filtering, single level/multi level views. This eliminates the need for standard reports in a number of cases. Secondly all tables of data can be copied directly to a spreadsheet for further analysis and reporting.

Strandum’s HRAdmin product uses mail merging for such tasks as creating employee letters and statements at salary review time. The user has the option to create RTF files at various stages for mail merge purposes. In addition the Workflow creates various emails and reminders to employees, managers, HR and various departments and/or functions.



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Reporting - Screen Shots

Here are some screenshots of our current software


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